Forget your problems and give yourself up to pleasurable goodness, wholesomeness and wellbeing. Whatever the time of day, whether you want a quick snack or enjoy an extended break. At last you don’t have to worry… Senza Pensieri.

Something new that comes from years of love for tasty, well-made things. No compromise, no hurry, no sacrifices. In a nutshell… Senza Pensieri.

We have taken out lots of things to give you more flavour. No more gluten, as in all our products. No added yeast or sugar. No preservatives. Only the best, to eat well… Senza Pensieri.

Original recipes for those who want to change their eating habits and lifestyle. Two lines of products to satisfy all desires and needs. Simply gluten-free or gluten-free and no added sugar. Whatever… Senza Pensieri.

Senza Pensieri is a brand of Palmisano